The M & A Slot Machine - Gamble at Your Own Risk - All business owners eventually face the prospect of transferring ownership of their business.  If you ask entrepreneurs if they wish to sell their business, some will say they're always ready if the price is right.

In Distressed M & A Environment, Stick to the ABC$ - The Great Recession Hits All companies.  The credit crisis continues to reverberate throughout the merger & acquisition (M & A) market, despite the government's attempts to calm the storm.

Successful Successors - Easier Said Than Done   -  Most family business executives understand the essential elements of financial planning.  It starts with three basic, but vital, questions:  What Do I Have?; What Do I Want?; and How Do I Get There?  These questions may seem easy; but don't be fooled.  The answers are hard.  What makes the answers especially difficult is that, while the questions may remain constant, the answers will change over time.

The Tie That Binds  -  Many business owners struggle with the decision to keep or sell the family business due to lack of apparent successors.  The procrastination is a common issue in family businesses and should be expected.  Major reasons for indecision are inadequate succession planning and faulty perceptions as to the "family rules of conduct."

Selling Your Family Business - Ready Set Go -  Deciding whether or not to sell the family business can be a much more difficult decision than the decision initially made to invest time, effort, and money to start the business.  Why?  It's because both the pressing everyday business needs and the sometimes volatile family emotions come into play.

Knowing Your Business Value - "Fair market value" is often defined as the amount at which property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller when neither party is under any compulsion to buy or sell and when both parties have reasonable knowledge of relevant facts.

Planning To Sell Your Business - Sellers look through the windshield, Buyers look through the rearview mirror.  To begin addressing the issue, a seller should ask, “Would I buy my own business?”  Buyers may "Just say No".

The " Human" Life Cycle of a Business -  Business growth concerns can be compared to the stages of growth human beings experience as they mature.  Both businesses and people are born, go through growth stages, reach maturity, can get ill and decline. 

The Pot is Heating Up.  Is Your Company the Frog? -  Remember the story of the frog in a pot of water on the stove?  If a frog falls into a pot of hot water, it will immediately jump out.

Stock Structured Sales and Seller Financing - A Recipe for Rescission of Entrepreneurial M & A Transactions - With the credit crisis continuing and tax laws continually in the headlines, stock structured transactions and use of seller financing continue to be tools of the trade when entrepreneurial businesses are sold. 

Succession - Leadership Training is Key - Family business executives have probably heard a great deal about succession planning and many executives believe they are proactive in addressing succession.  But, sometimes the most important issues are left on the back burner...

Red Zone or Mid Field Strategy? - Be aware of Family Values.  Many succession plans evolve, not through an intentional thought process, but through the functioning of the family's value system.  The values are generally unwritten, so there are no clear rules to follow.

Business Succession - Parallel Planning is Needed - According to statistics gathered by the Family Firm Institute, only about 30% of family businesses survive past the first generation, and only 12% reach the third generation.Type your paragraph here.